What the Butler Saw

Season 7, Episode 11
What the Butler Saw
Air date 9th November 1997
Written by Garry Lyons
Directed by Tim Dowd
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A schoolgirl is the key witness to a shooting incident, and Maggie Bolton's husband turns up in Aidensfield.

Full SummaryEdit

A man has been shot on the moors. A man named Ruxby was in the vicinity when the incident occurred, so he becomes a suspect. It turns out that he was only shooting rabbits at the time. One of Maggie's patients gets a new butler, but Eileen becomes suspicious when a few items go missing. Other thefts have occurred including a stolen pool table that is sold on to Claude. Gina is also thrilled to learn that she is now the licensee of the pub, but she feels Steve is trying to take over. Greengrass arranges to take bets on a pool game.It turns out that the butler had been going under a number of false identities and had been responsible for the shooting and burglaries. Nick tells Claude the pool table is stolen and its taken away. Claude has to find a replacement, and he does, but its a snooker table he later realises the balls are too big for the pockets! Maggie is surprised when her husband turns up in Ashfordly.