Speed Kills

Season 3, Episode 1
Speed Kills title card
Air date 3rd October 1993
Written by David Martin
Directed by Terry Marcel
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Alex Ferrenby is knocked down by two men who break into the surgery and steal amphetamines. Afterwards they speed away in Greengrass' pink Cadillac. To stop the drugs from getting into circulation PC Rowan checks out the schools in the area and is surprised to learn that sergeant Blaketon has a son. But he is looking in the wrong places. Gina is on a girls' night out with her friend Debbie who is rushed to hospital after getting a couple of the pills in a disco. Kate Rowan is worried about Mavis Briggs who is pregnant and has a history of severe morning sickness and miscarriages.

Full SummaryEdit

The surgery in Aidensfield is broken into one night and Ferrenby gets assaulted and is taken to hospital. Pills that were stolen in the raid are being passed off as other drugs and sold around the area. Gina goes out with an old friend called Debbie and they end up meeting a couple of teddy boys. Later Debbie collapses after taking some drugs and goes to hospital. Nick then questions Gina as to where her friend got the drugs, but she has no idea. Nick and Phil suspect the two teddy boys and question them. They tell them who the supplier is and go and make the arrest. Meanwhile Kate discovers a patients miscarriages have been caused by foreign drugs she took for morning sickness. And Greengrass is angered when his pink Chrysler Imperial gets stolen.


Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 1 - Speed Kills

Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 1 - Speed Kills