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Series Eighteen first aired on 12th October 2008 and ended on 12th September 2010. It consists of 24 episodes.


Episode Number Running Total Episode Name Airdate (UK) Plot
1 349 Family Matters 12th October 2008 While Ashfordly police are tasked with protecting a suspected Nazi collaborator who is visiting the area, Sgt. Miller begins acting strangely, leading PC Joe to discover that he is being extorted for his cooperation in exchange for his daughter's safety. Meanwhile, Peggy becomes convinced she has a serious illness, which worries David, Gina settles into motherhood, and Dawn becomes interested with a mysterious Frenchman visiting the Aidensfield Arms.
2 350 England Expects 19th October 2008 A seriously ill fugitive pursues a vendetta against the Ashfordly police by manipulating two young boys to do his dirty work, leading PC Joe and DS Dawson into finding and apprenhending him. Meanwhile, Dawn teaches PC Younger ballroom dancing so that he can partner with Joyce Jowett at a charity event, and David takes up pottery to aid Peggy's collaboration with a furniture retailer.
3 351 Mother of Invention 26th October 2008 Carol finds herself struggling to help a single mother look after her child, unaware of her mental well-being, which is not helped when an old friend arrives with a woman she claims to be Carol's biological mother. Meanwhile, PC Wetherby recruits Peggy into helping him find the dog of the chief constable's wife, and Dawn convinces David to begin a chimney sweeping business with her, after Bernie receives the associated equipment as payment for a funeral.
4 352 Living Off the Land 2nd November 2008 Joe and Carol visit a Travellers' camp to investigate a vicious attack on a hippie and a pregnant woman. One victim had recently clashed with Lord Ashfordly's latest gamekeeper, who is found murdered with his throat cut. Wetherby comes under suspicion, but is preoccupied when he discovers his wife is having an affair. Meanwhile, David finds himself in competition with a competing taxi firm, run by an old foe of Peggy's.
5 353 Guilty Secrets 9th November 2008 DS Dawson is accused of stealing £400 from the wife of a suspected criminal, during a raid following a tip-off. PC Joe is not convinced of her guilt, despite the evidence, and swiftly works to unmask the truth, discovering someone intends to destroy her career. Meanwhile, Bernie is shocked when he discovers he has a daughter and asks Blaketon to find her, though it leads to a heartbreaking dilemma.
6 354 Strike Up the Band 16th November 2008 A feud between two brass bands leads to a musician's death by apparent poisoning, but Sgt. Miller discovers there is more to the conflict than a trophy. As they intervene, PC Joe and DS Dawson succumb to their attraction for each other, only for Carol to catch them in the act. Meanwhile, Dawn is swept off her feet by a handsome young man, whom Blaketon has suspicions about. Things seem perfect for her, until Peggy finds her in the garage crying, after discovering the truth about their relationship.
7 355 Return Crossing 19th April 2009 Carol asks PC Joe to help a smuggler's widow, after she discover she has received death threats from an associate of her late husband. When he does, he learns that her dead husband had a partnered who they aided in with a number of crimes. Realising he seeks to keep them going despite her reluctance, matters soon escalate, forcing Joe to find a way of making her stop the trouble. Meanwhile, Blaketon helps a Polish veteran find a woman he fell in love with during the war.
8 356 Looking for Isabella 26th April 2009 When a boy becomes trapped in a well in the gardens of a seemingly deserted, derelict house, a media circus descends on the place as firemen attempt a rescue. However, matters become complicated when gunshots are fired from the house, endangering the rescue operation. Meanwhile, Peggy regrets renting out her spare room to a bothersome journalist who tries to exploit local gossip.
9 357 The Hospital Job 3rd May 2009 DS Dawson requests assistance from Ashfordly police into investigating a list of stolen goods suspected of being in the possession of a shady antiques dealer. PC Joe soon discovers evidence that links the dealer to the items, when he discovers that a notorious burglar, who recently died, frequented the place with his children, unaware of the permanent harm he was doing to them and himself. Elsewhere, Jowett rallies the villagers when a group of Taoist monks become stranded en route to a monastery in Middlesbrough, but things soon change when the monks prove quite friendly to everyone.
10 358 Ups and Downs 10th May 2009 A cat burglar begins targeting wealthy homes in the district, leading to DS Dawson recruiting help from PC Joe and Wetherby to investigating the matter. At the same time, Peggy is thrilled to be reunited with an old friend, a former circus performer, and convinces David to spend time with them. However, both find their paths crossing, when the performer is discovered to be the thief, working under a major whom Sgt. Miller has suspicions about. Meanwhile, Bernie worries about the whereabouts of Rosie, especially when the Australian she left with returns to the area with no idea where she is since they parted ways.
11 359 Thursday's Children 17th May 2009 PC Joe and DS Dawson travel to the last place in Australia that Rosie was known to be in, in order to hunt her down. Aided by a local police sergeant, they struggle to find much evidence linking the Australian she travelled with to her disappearance, and decide to review whether she disappeared when she left for the western regions of the country. Meanwhile, Carol travels with them as far as Brisbane, to find out more about her long-lost brother, but reunites with them after a con artist tricks her and steals her money.
12 360 The Middle of Somewhere 24th May 2009 PC Joe and DS Dawson continue their search for Rosie, and soon discover from police records that it may be linked to the disappearance of another woman a few years ago. With the local police's help, they investigate another disappearance beforean upcoming horse race, and discover the horrible truth to Rosie's fate - a truth that hits hard to those who knew her back in Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Carol finally reunites with her long-lost brother, and decides to catch up with him about his past, while a local bar owner tries to fix a race to ensure a favorite in the race does not make them lose a lot of money in their illicit betting operation.
13 361 School of Hard Knocks 31st May 2009 A member of the Territorial Army working as a teacher for Ashfordly School raises concerns, when his tough acts of punishment put a trouble-making student in hospital. However, things go from bad to worse, when a female teacher reveals to Carol that he raped them, and Ashfordly police discover that he lost a gun he took from an armoury, which PC Joe suspects might have been stolen by the student he picked on. Meanwhile, Peggy is shocked to find the body of a local tramp, who was well known for stealing from those he worked for, leaving David to question if the village should set aside an upcoming trip to London to fund the tramp's funeral.
14 362 The Runaways 7th June 2009 An accountant and his family crash into a tractor after being chased down a country lane by another car. PC Joe and Sgt. Miller are intrigued by the family's erratic behaviour and discover that they are fleeing from a gangster who will do anything to retrieve incriminating documents. Meanwhile, David comes into some money and buys an old Jeep with a surprising military history, one which surprises those who fought in the second world war.
15 363 Cashing In 14th June 2009 Ashfordly police find themselves dealing with a series of counterfeit notes, which DS Dawson identifies as being made by a gang that had recently been arrested, except for the ringleader who managed to escape with their girlfriend. Suspecting they are seeking actual money to buy passage out of the country, the police work hard to apprehend them, unaware of the risks that the counterfeiter will take to escape. Meanwhile, Miller is horrified when his wife is arrested for shoplifting and exposes the martial troubles they have, and Bernie is excited when he becomes convinced his idol Judy Garland has secretly moved to Aidensfield.
16 364 A Whiter Shade of Pale 18th July 2010 A new resident to Aidensfield is found beaten to death in her kitchen, shortly after announcing her intentions to marry a local businessman, despite them being already married. Although PC Joe and DS Dawson have suspicions on two men, Carol has grave worries about the victim's son, especially when she finds evidence that suggest he may have been involved in his mother's death. Meanwhile, David is caught in the middle when Dawn and Peggy operate competing food trucks on the day of the Ashfordly Cup final.
17 365 The War of the Roses 25th July 2010 PC Joe and Sgt. Miller attempt an intervention to stop the harassment of a local farmer by his neighbours. However, the situation worsens when the farmer is given further trouble that culminates in a fire on their property that nearly kills them. At the same time, Dawn falls for a charming new barman at the pub and tries to cure him of his sudden angry outbursts, unaware he has an ulterior motive for being the area. Meanwhile, David helps Peggy inventory an estate, but fears her shady dealings have upset the spirit of the deceased.
18 366 Ties That Bind 1st August 2010 Facing demotion for having an affair with a senior colleague, DS Dawson prepares to tackle her final case with CID, as they investigate a series of violent post office robberies. PC Joe swiftly assumes he is to blame, which places strain on his relationship with Carol, until he and Dawson are placed in danger when the robbers move onto a target CID did not anticipate being hit. Meanwhile, Blaketon is unhappy to find Peggy helping one of his friends with the cleaning while their wife is in a nursing home. However, when she reveals he is in possessions of items reported stolen due to kleptomania, he quickly has suspicions that his friend is holding back on something.
19 367 Deadlier Than the Male 8th August 2010 Blaketon and PC Joe play peacemaker in an abusive couple's relationship, despite the wife's new lawyer being eager to ensure they stay separate and divorce. Meanwhile, Peggy is delighted to be reunited with an old friend, but regrets letting them stay when their daughter tries to sour her relationship with David, and makes it clear she intends to woo him and kick Peggy out from the cottage.
20 368 Jobs for the Boys 15th August 2010 Ashfordly police find themselves dealing with a modern-day "Robin Hood", and discover a connection between their robberies and a series of envelopes to elderly residents carrying cash stolen during each robbery. At the same time, Blaketon and Ventress join forces to help investigate the disappearance of an estranged son, who left home after a heated argument with his father. Both find their cases colliding, when it transpires that the robberies are related to questionable business ethics over the construction of a new housing estate.
21 369 My One and Only 22nd August 2010 An insurance salesman is shot dead outside his home, and a disgruntled customer of the victim is the initial suspect in the crime. As Ashfordly police handle the investigation, PC Joe discovers that not only did the victim sell fraudulent policies, but he also led a complicated double life, and soon discovers that the latter may have been found out by one of the wives he had. Meanwhile, Ventress is forced to stay at the Aidensfield Arms while his house is being repaired, causing problems for all, while Sgt. Miller and Peggy both attempt to stop a war hero from drinking himself to death while on hard times.
22 370 The Open Door 29th August 2010 A lorry driver is savagely beaten by robbers, who steal the contents of his van before dumping it. When Ashfordly police trace where it comes from, they quickly discover that the robbers are unknowningly in possession of condemned meat, which could spark a health crisis in the district. PC Joe soon gets a lead on the suspects, when Carol discovers that a senile patient of hers is being visited by a man who claims to be her long-dead son. Meanwhile, Peggy agrees to house-sit a mansion, and secretly opens it as a bed-and-breakfast, but things don't go to plan.
23 371 Pass the Parcel 5th September 2010 Ashfordly police work to stop a gang of safe robbers, but are found with a complicated situation when one of them turns up dead, and the remaining robbers are forced to take everyone hostage at Dawn's birthday party to recover a lost bag of explosives. Meanwhile, Blaketon bets PC Younger and Ventress that he can uncover Wetherby's lunchtime activity, leading him into an embarrassing situation.
24 372 Sweet Sorrow 12th September 2010 The arrival of a traumatised and wounded stranger in Aidensfield coincides with the discovery of a woman's body on the moors, and sets off a treacherous chain of events that leaves Blaketon's life hanging in the balance. The arrival of a mysterious stranger sets off a shocking chain of events in Aidensfield. Could this be the end for a much-loved favourite?