Riders of the Storm

Season 3, Episode 2
Riders of the Storm title card
Air date 10th October 1993
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Tim Dowd
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The police in Ashfordly have been asked to look out for Stevie Walsh who has been released from prison after serving a ten year sentence for armed robbery. His wife Ellen still lives in Aidensfield and it is believed he will go there to collect the money from the robbery which has never been recovered. But a severe snow storm is brewing and in the bad weather the train carrying Walsh, Gina's cousin Barry and Dr. Ferrenby crashes near the station in Aidensfield, and everybody has to lend a hand in the emergency. To complicate matters Ellen Walsh is pregnant with her new boyfriend and Kate Rowan is out in storm trying to deliver the baby, and she knows nothing about the train crash.

Full SummaryEdit

Convict Stevie Walsh is released from prison and is on a train back to Aidensfield to see his wife and to finish some unfinished business. In the night Aidensfield gets cut off as a severe snow storm and the whole are is unreachable. The train heading for Aidensfield then crashes when the signals fail. Nick is alone and can't get police assistance, so its up to him alone to organise a rescue mission with the villagers including Claude and George to help the passengers and see to the injured which include Gina's brother, Barry and Alex Ferrenby, who has suffered a head injury. The injured are taken to the village hall by the villagers until outside help can reach them. Meanwhile Kate is called out by a man, whose partner - Ellen and Walsh's ex-wife is in labour and about to give birth. To Ellen's distress, Stevie helps her and Kate when they get trapped in the snow on the way to hospital, and they end up with the train passengers in the village hall where the Kate delivers the baby. Blaketon eventually arrives in the morning with other officers to help, by which time Walsh has vanished, Nick finds him at Ellen's home recovering some money from the last job he did. Nick finds Walsh, retrieves the money and convinces him that he should leave the area. And Claude is happy to be reunited with Alfred who had recently gone missing!



Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 2 - Riders Of The Storm

Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 2 - Riders Of The Storm