PC Steve Crane

PC Steve Crane
James Carlton as PC Steve Crane



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Hung for a Sheep

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Little Angel


Babs Crane (mother)


Hannah Starosta (dated)

PCStephen "Steve" Crane (deceased), was played by James Carlton. He appeared in 35 episodes from 2003 - 2004.


Arrived from Manchester, fresh-faced and keen, to take over as Aidensfield constable after Bradley's promotion to CID. During an investigation into the disappearance of a six year old girl in the episode "Little Angel", Steve found himself alone on a bridge with the girl and her father (who had arranged for his daughter's kidnapping). During the ensuing struggle between Steve and the father, Steve fell off the bridge (presumably pushed), and, in spite of all the efforts of PC Phil Bellamy and Sgt Dennis Merton to save him, he plummeted to his death.

Personality and appearanceEdit

PC Crane with his investigative smile and Parting and brushed back fine black hair was very keen and good at his role. Steve Crane's voice and integrity to solve problems was seen in every programme.


Ashfordly Police sergeants

Sgt Dennis Ian Merton Steve got on with his sergeant and was very loyal to him. Sgt Merton respected steve and thought he was good at his job. when steve died he was very sad and sort of blamed himself.

Other Ashfordly Police

PC Alfred "Alf" Ventress

PC Philip "Phil" Montgomery Bellamy After not of a great start, they soon got on and always had a beer together after work. When phil was preparing to marry gina. he thought of asking steve to be best man, but not had know him that long, these was after mike Bradley let him down because of a CID operation

Aidensfield doctors

Dr Liz Merrick

Other medical staff

Jenny Merton

Aidensfield Arms staff

Georgina "Gina" Ward Steve was the first person Gina met in aindsenfield. also showed him the way to the police station. Also thought he was good looking but much younger than her. When Phil and Gina were preparing to get married and phil was let down by mike Bradley to be his best man, gina suggested steve as best man

Oscar Blaketon

Susie Ward

"Loveable rogue" lineage

Vernon Scripps

Aidensfield Garage staff

Bernard "Bernie" Scripps

David Stockwell

Other regular characters

Lord Ashfordly

Ben Norton

Katie Maxwell

Steve fell in love with Polish violinist Hannah Starosta in season 12 episode Music of the Spheres. Hannah's father, Marek Starosta, wasn't very happy about her relationship with Steve and even threatened to kill him if he went near his daughter again. They were both very much in love but their relationship ended as quickly as it started when Hannah went to America to fulfil her destiny, to become a top-class violinist.