Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

Season 01, Episode 06
Old. New, Borrowed and Blue title card
Air date 15th May 1992
Written by Alan Whiting
Directed by Tim Dowd
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There are a number of burglaries in the area recently which all have a connection, the thief tidies the house before leaving with the loot, which is usually silver. Nick begins to suspect local do-gooder, Penelope Stirling of being involved in the burglaries when he sees her buying incomplete sets of antiques. Meanwhile Nick and Kate attend Alan and Sandra's wedding.

Full SummaryEdit

The police warn the local residents, including Lord Ashfordly to be on the look out for the thief and advise them to hide valuables which can be seen from the windows. The police catch the thief however when he burgles Ashfordly Hall where he straightens a picture which is wired to an alarm at the police station. Stirling turns out to be stealing antiques which are part of sets. She then buys the rest of the collection when the old people who the sets belong to die for a fraction of there true value. Then she sells the complete collections for the full price. Nick however can't prove it and Mrs Stirling leaves the area. Meanwhile Nick and Kate attend Alan and Sandra's wedding, where Nick ends up arresting the best man who is pushing drugs. Kate considers returning to hospital medicine in Middlesborough, but joins Alex on his rounds to see what a country practice entails, but she eventually decides to join his practice. And Claude provides the wedding car for Alan and Sandra's wedding!


Heartbeat - S01E06 - New Borrowed Blue

Heartbeat - S01E06 - New Borrowed Blue