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Nowt But a Prank

Season 1, Episode 5
Nowt But a Prank title card.png
Air date 8th May 1992
Written by Barry Woodward
Directed by James Ormerod
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A feud between two neighbours, a Mr Chapman and a Mr Radcliffe that has been going on for the past 20 years is getting really serious. Chapman blocks off a public right of way which leads up to Radcliffe's home. Ferrenby tries to use the road, but Chapman demands he use another road. Ferrenby gets injured moving Chapman's blockade and asks Kate to help out with the practice.

Full Summary[]

Meanwhile 3 young boys play a series of practical jokes on Chapman. They block his chimney up when he has a fire and he automatically blames Radcliffe who just so happens to be passing. He grabs Radcliffe and locks him up in his house, but Radcliffe is in need of his regular dosage of pills he needs to take due to his condition and is becoming seriously ill. Nick tries to calm the situation and tries to get Radcliffe out, but Chapman ends up locking him up as well. Nick however manages to escape and returns with Blaketon and Kate, but are confronted with Chapman who fires his shotgun. The situation is ended when Radcliffe's wife - Mary talks Chapman around. It turns out she was engaged to Chapman before the war, but she married Radcliffe after she presumed Chapman was killed - but he was in fact a PoW. Kate manages to treat Radcliffe in time and he recovers. Ferrenby who has been impressed with Kate's recent work, asks her to join the practice - but she plays for time and asks him for time to think about it.



Nick Berry - PC Nick Rowan

Nimah Cusack - Dr Kate Rowan

Derek Fowlds - Sgt Oscar Blaketon

Frank Middlemass - Dr Alex Ferrenby

William Simons - PC Alf Vintress

Mark Jordon- PC Phil Bellamy

Stuart Golland - George Ward

James Cosmo - Matthew Chapman

Paul Copley - Dick Radcliffe

Lynn Farleigh - Mary Radcliffe

William Ash - Paul Allenby

Patrick Connolly - Keith Hawkins

Nicky Evans - Graham Thompson

Sue Race - Mrs Thurston