Season 2, Episode 10
Missing title card
Air date 20th June 1993
Written by Adele Rose
Directed by Terry Marcel
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A big amusement park is visiting Aidensfield for the annual fair. Greengrass buys a couple of paintings from two men working at the fair ground and tries to sell them to Alex Ferrenby who believes them to be worth a lot more than the 20£ Greengrass is asking for them. He is right! 5-year old Brian Currie who is camping out with his parents at Mrs. Plummer's camp site goes missing. Claire Mercer, a patient of Kate's, suspects her son Michael has something to do with it.

Full SummaryEdit

The fair arrives in Aidensfield to the annoyance of local caravan site owner, Edna Plummer. It turns out that her caravan site is used as a convenient meeting place by her criminal brother. He is about to receive some stolen works of art from amateur smuggler, Norman Currie, who is on his way back home from a trip to Holland with his family. Currie's son takes one of the paintings and swaps it for free rides at the fair. Workers at the fair sell the painting to Greengrass who tries to sell it to Ferrenby who realises its true value and tells Nick. Meanwhile two 5 year olds go missing but return unharmed. Kate discovers the children had a mysterious friend, who turns out to be a local man whose wife and child were recently killed in an accident.


Heartbeat - S02E10 - Missing

Heartbeat - S02E10 - Missing



When the trucks carrying the funfair equipment drive over a bridge on the way to Aidenfield the trucks disappear and reappear every time The Beatles sang one of the lyrics of Yellow Submarine that is Yellow Submarine.