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Mr Latimer (father)
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PC Phil Bellamy (dated)

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Sgt Dennis Merton (husband)

Jenny Merton (née Latimer), was played by Sarah Tansey and appeared in 69 episodes from 2001 - 2004.


Pharmacist who joined the series when she moved from a hospital job to help out at Dr Summerbee's Aidensfield surgery. Shortly after arriving in Aidensfield she briefly dated PC Phil Bellamy. She continued to work at the surgery when Dr James Alway took over temporarily and later when Dr Liz Merrick joined. Jenny later married Sgt Dennis Merton. She left the series, alongside her husband, when she suffered a mental breakdown and was taken into care. Their relationship was always slightly rocky and even accused her husband of having an affair. When they returned home from their honeymoon, which was in Spain, they came home early because she wasn't feeling well. Dennis actually proposed twice to Jenny, the first time was after she had been kidnapped although she broke their engagement off due to Dennis trying to sweet-talk her into giving some medical information on a patient. She was furious when she realised what he actually did but later forgave him and the second time he proposed she accepted. In the episode Little Angel, Jenny took things personally when her husband was investigating the kidnapping of a little girl. This also left their relationship rocky and the investigation also ended up resulting in the death of PC Steve Crane. She was also upset when Dr Tricia Summerbee died in a horse riding accident. She and Tricia were friends and Tricia often confided in her about her relationship with PC Mike Bradley. At one point in the series, she even dated young probationary PC Tom Nicholson, although that was never to last. She had a brother called Steve, who appeared in two episodes in series thirteen. In Who's Sorry Now, Jenny became convinced that her husband was having an affair. In her last episode, In Sickness and in Health, she finally got a diagnosis explaining her recent symptoms but the situation forced Dennis to choose between his wife or career as a police officer.


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