Going Home

Season 3, Episode 4
Going Home title card
Air date 24th October 1993
Written by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Bob Mahoney
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A series of illegal knuckle fights has been taking place all over North Riding and sergeant Blaketon asks his constables to look out for Irishman Michael O'Leary, who is suspected of being behind them. Not surprisingly O'Leary is spotted at Claude Greengrass's place. Martin Lessor is attacked in his home, but the attacker Victor Kellerman is much more eager to see the case in court than Lessor is. And with good reason! To complicate matters Lessor, who is a diabetic, will only allow Alex Ferrenby to look into his medical files, but Ferrenby is away on a fishing trip. A trip he will not return from alive!

Full SummaryEdit

A German American called Victor Kellerman arrives in the village with the intention of killing a local landowner, a Mr Lessor. He attacks Lessor but he cannot go through with it and leaves the area. Kellerman is later arrested and Nick is assigned to escort him back into the area. It is revealed that Lessor was a SS traitor and responsible for sending Kellerman and his family to Nazi concentration camps during WW2. Meanwhile Kate is treating Lessor for diabetes, and when he realises he will have to go to court he takes an over dose of insulin. Without him the evidence is incomplete and the charges are dropped. Tragedy strikes when Dr Alex Ferrenby drowns whilst fishing, he died of a brain hemorrhage. And Greengrass helps some gypsies organise some bare-fist fighting.


Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 4 - Going Home

Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 4 - Going Home