Endangered Species

Season 3, Episode 8
Endangered Species title card
Air date 21st November 1993
Written by Michael Russell
Directed by Tim Dowd
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David Stockwell is fascinated by dogs he hears in the forest in the middle of the night. The dogs belong to a group of men involved in illegal badger digging, and when they drive away they hit David's mother with their car. She knows more about the matter than she is willing to tell and makes her backward son change his statement, but PC Rowan has already found a piece of glass from the headlights of the car that hit her and knows he is lying.

Full SummaryEdit

Mentally handicapped man - David Stockwell who lives with his elderly mother hears dogs barking in the woods at night and goes to investigate, but his mother follows him and gets injured in a hit and run when a Land Rover cuts her down in the woods. David runs to the pub for help and Nick and Kate get David's mother to the hospital. Nick asks David what happened and he tells Nick about the dogs and the Land Rover, however the next morning after David speaks to his mother his story changes and he insists she only fell. Nick suspects his mother is protecting someone and goes to the hospital to talk to her, but she also insists she fell. Nick is still suspicious and continues his investigation into the accident. Meanwhile David finds an injured badger in the wood and takes it home and with Kate's help nurses it back to good health. Nick meanwhile suspects the Land Rover was driven by badger baiter's and Claude shows him a recently dug up badger set near David's home. Nick then goes to see David who is angry about the badger baiters and when Harry Capshaw who is a friend of his mothers asks him to tell him where badger sets are in the woods, he tells Nick and decides to help catch the baiters. David goes to see Capshaw again and sets a time, and Blaketon and Phil are there waiting and arrest Capshaw and the others red handed. Meanwhile Claude tries to sell shares of his racehorse to locals, saying it has a good chance at Redcar. Finally, sells shares of the racehorse to George, unfortunately he and the 'other' shareholders find out that he has done so several times over! And Alf is revising for his Sergeants exams at 'every' opportunity instead of working!

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Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 8 - Endangered Species

Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 8 - Endangered Species