Dead Ringer

Season 3, Episode 3
Dead Ringer title card
Air date 17th October 1993
Written by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Tim Dowd
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PC Bellamy is in trouble. There was a break-in on his beat while he was visiting one of his girlfriends. Witnesses noticed a noisy minivan speeding away from the scene of the crime immediately afterwards. An anonymous tip leads to part of the loot - and Phil Bellamy's address. Blaketon has no choice but to suspend him from duty. Greengrass notices a fast, black greyhound and spots an opportunity to make a bob or two because it's a dead ringer for ruthless businessman Jack Scarman's somewhat slower dog Northern Flash. If only they can "borrow" it from its owner Mr. Parrish and swap the two.

Full SummaryEdit

Phil goes to meet a girl while he should be on his beat, at the same time a pawn brokers in Ashfordly is broken into. Following a tip-off, Nick learns that the stolen goods are hidden in a lock up rented in Phil's name. Nick realises that someone is trying to frame Phil, but Blaketon suspends him pending further inquiries. Meanwhile Greengrass gets involved in a betting scam, which involves substituting one greyhound with another. A local man called Scarman is the instigator of this plan, and Nick discovers that Scarman's girlfriend is in fact the girl that Phil is seeing. Nick cannot prove that Scarman set Phil up, but there is enough evidence to let Phil off the hook and arrest Scarman. The woman confirms that Phil was with her on the night of the burglary.


Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 3 - Dead Ringer

Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 3 - Dead Ringer