Bringing It All Back Home

Season 3, Episode 10
Bringing It All Back Home title card
Air date 5th December 1993
Written by Michael Russell
Directed by Bob Mahoney
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An American in Aidensfield
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An ill wind called Inspector Crossley has blown into Ashfordly police station. Crossley will be supervising Ashfordly and Aidensfield and is known to clamp down on any violation of regulations. Things do not get off to a good start when he finds the police house in Aidensfield used as a temporary surgery by Kate Rowan. Gina is happy because she has got a gig singing at a night club in Whitby. It causes quite a stir when half the village turns up to listen to her. Kate is visited by Sally, an old friend who has a proposition that makes her think. Greengrass's fate has finally caught up with him - in the shape of the Inland Revenue! It is Graham Blaketon's day in court for his participation in the assault on Tiny Weedon is getting nearer and Blaketon tries to spend more time with him.

Full SummaryEdit

Inspector Crossley from Whitby arrives at the police house to see Nick, but is angry to find the police house being used as a doctor’s surgery by Kate. Crossley then goes to Ashfordly station where he's been expected expressing his annoyance about the situation. Blaketon and Nick both assure him however it's just a temporarily situation until Kate can find a new surgery. Crossley also informs Blaketon of some major changes in the Ashfordly area, which will include a far bigger beat for Nick. Kate in the meantime goes out with her old friend Sally, who's also a GP for a drink and a general chat. Sally tells Kate of a job that's going in Whitby, but Kate isn't interested. Sally then puts Kate's name forward to a Dr. James Radcliffe who owns his own practice in Whitby. Radcliffe writes to Kate offering her a job with his practice and Kate is then tempted to take him up on his offer, but Nick however is reluctant to leave Aidensfield. A coach trip meanwhile is organised to hear Gina sing at a club in Whitby and so a day trip is made of it and a good time is had by all. Claude with Alfred's help gets lucky on the fruit machines at the amusement arcade, while Phil gets into a spot of bother with the owner! Nick and Kate find themselves helping a young girl on the beach who can't find her father. Nick however then spots a man in trouble in the sea and calls the lifeboat out, but it’s to late and the man, who turns out to be the girls father - drowns. Claude also gets into trouble when the Inland Revenue finally catch up with him, demanding a huge amount of cash that he owes due to his many years of tax evading! And Blaketon takes Graham out for a day in an attempt to get closer to him.


Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 10 - Bringing It All Back Home

Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 10 - Bringing It All Back Home