An American in Aidensfield

Season 3, Episode 9
An American In Aidensifeld title card
Air date 28th November 1993
Written by Peter Palliser
Directed by Catherine Morshead
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The arrival of a young American, Charlie Dameron, divides the population of Aidensfield in two. Some think he is only dodging military service in Vietnam while others do not mind his presence. Among the former is Fred Manchester, who also blames him for causing an accident. Among the latter is Claude Greengrass, who sees yet another opportunity to make some money - by selling classic motorcycles to Dameron. Only, Greengrass does not have any motorcycles to sell - yet!

Full SummaryEdit

An American motor cyclist called Charlie, turns up at the police house having just had an accident. Kate, who has been forced to move her surgery to the police house temporarily, is able to fix him up. Nick is in bed with the flu and gets little time to rest. A local, Korean war veteran is angered when he learns that the American is a draft dodger, avoiding fighting for his country in Vietnam. This angers the veteran who then picks a fight with him in the pub. Then Charlie's bike gets damaged. Charlie fixes the bike and the war veteran then tries to force Charlie off the road, but he himself ends up in a ditch. Meanwhile Greengrass acquires a couple of classic English motor bikes, claiming he wants them for a regimental museum, but in fact sells them to Charlie. Gina who falls for Charlie is tempted when he offers to take her down to London.



  • According to the radio Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother opened the Hunterston A nuclear power station on 22 September 1964 the setting of the episode.


Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 9 - An American in Aidensfield

Heartbeat Series 3 Ep 9 - An American in Aidensfield